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The only thing that scares me is that you might love him more than you love me
Friday, May 22, 2009

I had to use that quote for my title, it's a quote by Danny (Josh Hartnett) on Pearl Harbor. Well, I just realized I never really talk about my old fandoms, and I think it is because I take for granted that everybody knows about it or that they're not new to me and I don't feel like I have to brag about how cool it was to find their work. Well, I think it's time for me to talk about Josh Hartnett, one of my longest and constant fandoms. On December 22, it's going to be the 8th anniversary of me finding HIM. It all started when I rented Pearl Harbor and watched it after my cousin's birthday party, someone had already spoiled the end of the movie to me, so I spent every single sweet moment of Danny CRYING!. I own the movie on VHS, picture that!

I put behind my fear for Michael Myers to see him in H20 and did something similar a couple of days ago, I'm a crying baby and everything scares me, so I try to keep myself from horror movies... well, my friend Julio told me about 30 Days of Night and I really liked the idea of the movie (I obviously already knew about the movie but didn't know what happened in it), but I was seriously thinking in how paranoid I was going to end up after watching it. I didn't care in the end and watched it and LOVED IT. Yes, I ended up all paranoid, but I don't care. I, once again, knew the ending so the whole Pearl Harbor memory came to my mind hahaha.

Right now I'm watching Lucky Number Slevin on TV (and is ironical 'cause I actually own the DVD). And later tonight I'll watch Resurrecting the Champ. There are only a couple of movies of him I haven't seen, some really old ones and some new ones. So, like every good fan, I'm just trying to catch up on his movies... they're not that many anyway. I think the only ones I didn't really like were Sin City (bored me to death) and Virgins Suicide (suuuucked) other than that, I think I've liked the rest :D

And that's it, I just wanted to let everyone know that I simply adore Joshua Daniel Hartnett more than anyone would have guessed. I seriously don't know why I never talk about him when I actually do visit his fansites and keep myself updated on what he's doing. I should talk about him more often, and I probably will.

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