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Nirvana Unplugged
Friday, January 25, 2008

Like a week ago I bought Nirvana's Unplugged DVD and it's awesome. I love Kurt's voice, and the extra footage is great too. It has Saturday Night Live's perfomances... gaaah I just loved it, especially because I've been wanting to watch it since I started being a fan almost 5 years ago :D.

This is the song list:

o About A Girl
o Come as You Are
o Jesus Doesn't want Me for a Sunbeam
o The Man Who Sold the World
o Pennyroyal Tea
o Dumb
o Polly
o On a Plain
o Something in the Way
o Plateau
o Oh Me
o Lake of Fire
o All Apologies
o Where Did you Sleep Last Night

Here some Screen Caps:

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John Lennon "Mother" Live in NYC (1972)
Thursday, January 24, 2008

This song has always broke my heart because of the meaning, but watching him singing live was really emotional. Especially when he gets all choked up when he's singing about his mom. I just wanted to huuug him.

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James McCartney's very first fan-site
Friday, January 11, 2008

Even though James McCartney isn't really known outside of The Beatles world, he's working on his first album and thought it would be a good idea to start a site about him. So if you want you can visit jamesmccartney.firez.org.

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Liverpool 8
Thursday, January 10, 2008

The other day, I was watching Liverpool 8's video, it's sooo beautiful and nostalgic. I loved it. Ringo's music is one of my very favorites. I tried to look for a better version of the video, but couldn't find it.

The first video is Ringo talking about his latest projects and about his latest album Liverpool 8 and a little bit about the video :).

Here's the video...

I totally loved it. The kid it's supposed to be Ringo haha awww he's so cute too. I seriously love Ringo's music. His voice is just too awesome. Too bad he didn't know that in The Beatles. Anyway, check out the video... it's a really good one.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I really recommend this movie. Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli are my new OTP hehe. The movie's about a rich man that has never taken care of anyone, not even of himself. He's also have a huge problem with his drinking. Anyway, his family wants him to marry this rich girl for him to keep his fortune. But he fell in love with Linda (Liza), who's a poor girl and he is willing to give up his money for love. This movie will make you laugh, cry, sigh and smile once more. It will show you how Arthur grows up and becomes a man. This is a must-seen for me.

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