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James Dean - Rebel and Giant Screen Caps and Promos
Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here are some new screen caps and promos I found of Rebel and Giant.

Screen Caps

Rebel Without A Cause


Rebel Without A Cause

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BSB HQ Photoshoot
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bleedin' GORGEOUS!!!!

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Backstreet Boys' New Single "Inconsolable"

Yes, I know I'm pathetic, but I loved the song, so.... I want to listen to the whole album (looking for excuses, I was going to buy it anyway *lol*). The other day I saw a new picture of 'em and geez, Brian looks gorgeous.

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Michael J. Fox
Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday I was watching Michael J. Fox's E! True Hollywood Story and seriously, I ended up crying (maybe I was just too sensitive). But I was born in the 80's, I grew up watching Back To The Future, he's one of the actors I can't tell when I first knew about him 'cause it's like I've known about him since forever, you know? Like a childhood friend *lol*.

I remember that when I first heard he had the Parkinson's disease I felt really bad for him, because seriously, even now that he's 46 he still looks like a kid, he inspires to pinch his cheeks and stuff, and you can't imagine someone like him with such a disease, and it is really sad.

Yesterday, when they showed videos of him without taking his meds it broke my heart, I knew he was sick and you can see it in videos and stuff, but watching him like that was just heartbreaking, and you can tell he is working really hard on his foundation, to find a cure or better treatments for the disease.

If you don't know much about the Parkinson's disease, you can visit his website and learn more about it, and also, if you want to help you can do it there. For more information check out the Michael J. Fox Foundation. You can do a lot with just a little of your help.

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Layout 1 - James Dean

Version: James Dean
Since: September 7th, 2007
Until: September 22nd, 2007
Colors: Green and White
Note: This was the very first layout of FANatic, featuring James Dean.


Version II

Well, as you can notice I changed the site's layout :D yes, I get bored pretty fast so I changed, this one is only in black and white but I quite liked it, it's from one of my favorite movies Rebel Without A Cause. I also changed the navigator's links, now it's all based on tags so I don't need to be changing the menu every time I add a new post so... it's easier this way, I just needed to organize the tags to make it look decent hehe.

Well, I hope you like it.


BSB & The Beatles

If you want to say you "know me" you have to know that way back when I was only a teenager, I loved the Backstreet Boys, and yes, I was looking at their pictures when I found this like two weeks ago (yes, I know I'm pathetic) well.... I got a thrill to see Kevin's t-shirt. (Kevin's the tall guy in black t-shirt if you don't know already haha). Man, that IS a cool t-shirt.

Anyway, people have laughed at me because I used to like Backstreet Boys (and still like them in away). Well.... I'm sure everyone's a BSB closet fan haha seriously, every time someone laughs at me they come up with something like "They suck, even though this song is good" haha there's always a song for everyone xD and that's funny. Well, their next CD will hit the stores in October, I guess I'll have to buy it *lol* I have all of their albums (counting the Chapter One and Never Gone) so it would be kinda dumb to not buy the new one xD just for the collection and the good memories haha. (And because I want to listen to it, happy? haha).

If you wonder what I liked the most about the Backstreet Boys, that's the answer... awww cute!!! he's just a cutie and I don't care what people thinks haha he's gonna always be MY Brian *lol*... (who would have thought he was 23 when I first liked the band? now he's 32 hahaha)

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My James Dean Personality
Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Passion of The James Dean

The Loner James DeanJames Dean learned early how to be independent, after the death of his mother and rejection after rejection in LA and NYC. You too relish your independence, you take pride in the fact that youre just fine by yourself, you know you dont need other people to make your life complete. But don't let pride get in the way of potentially satisfying relationships with other people. Open yourself up a little.
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Jimmy and...
Monday, September 17, 2007

Anything's possible with your imagination.... AND PHOTOSHOP *lol*. I know this is quite silly, but I love doing manips don't know why, I have a bunch and I love 'em even if they're quite crappy too *lol*... Well, here are the manips that I did today.

It's the same picture with different text, hope to hear what you guys think of them :D. The first one is the same text on the icon I posted yesterday, I just liked it too much and *sigh* it's sad.

It took me hours to make the colors match (even though they still look different xD) and stuff, but in my humble opinion, I liked the results, I couldn't get anything better from the pictures, the quality, size, etc, was quite different so.... this is what I go xD. I'm such a dork some times.

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It looks like now I own a Laptop
Sunday, September 16, 2007

It seems like my Dad won a laptop, he just called my brother telling him the news and specified "Please, don't tell your sister, it's a surprise"... well, as you can see he told me... jeez, bleedin' hell :D I'm happy hehe. I've been secretly wanting a laptop for a while now, but never said a word to my parents, yay, this are really good news. Now I have to pretend that I didn't know hehe.


Imagine The Beatles in... 'LOVE'

I've just watched Imagine The Beatles in... 'Love' and just loved it, I loved the album, I loved the idea, and I'd love to see the show. And I'm glad they eventually made George's wish come true :).

On the other hand, something really cute happened because of this special, first, like two days ago my brother told me "On this chanel, at such time they'll air a Beatles' especial about the Cirque Du Soleil" and I was like "Uh, thanks". Then today, my Auntie and little cousin called me to tell me "A Beatles' special, tonight, in an hour" and I was like "Awww thanks" and it felt nice that they remembered. Well, I was hanging up when the phone rang again, now it was my Uncle (my Dad's brother who gave me three Beatles' vinyl albums on my last birthday :D) "Look, a Beatles' special in an hour". It feels nice that people remembers what you like, but I'm starting to believe that I've drove them all crazy about my fandoms hehe because is funny how ALL the people I know knows that I love The Beatles hehe.

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I don't owe anything to anyone...

"In his short time he is still able to show Winton Dean, Jack Warner, Hollywood, New York, that James Dean had become a Giant and didnt need anyone anymore, they all needed him and he left."

I found the icon here thanks to my friend Brenda, and the text was written by the owner of a Jimmy's myspace. Don't know why I wanted them to be together...

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I'm laughing like a f*cking idiot hahahahahaha..... the funniest stupid thing I've ever seen xD hahaha Pumba ruls!


Icons - The Beatles
Friday, September 14, 2007

These are some icons I made of The Beatles, so if you use them please give credits.

George [20 icons]

Ringo [24 icons]

John [25 icons]

Paul [21 icons]

John & Paul [11 icons]

Paul & Ringo [3 icons]

Paul & Jane [6 icons]

John & Cynthia [4 icons]

Ringo & Maureen [5 icons]

Paul & Linda [6 icons]

Sean Lennon [11 icons]

Quotes/Text [16 icons]

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