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Being a Beatles fan
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm not a fan since I learned to walk like pretty big number of people out there, but I've loved their music since I can remember. I called myself a fan for the very first time at the age of 18 in 2003. Even if I liked them, I never dared to call myself a fan 'cause I barely recognized who sang what, so it was until I knew a little bit more that I called myself a fan, BUT, I liked them mostly because of the music, so it wasn't until 2005 that I got hooked by their lives and stories, that's when I started to research more about them and learn things I totally ignored. (I learn new things every day, seriously).

Anyway, at first, it wasn't easy... I was known as a rocker (even though, I totally hate labels) a rebel, the weird girl that always wore black xD. And the kind of music I listened to is completely different to the Beatles' music (Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn, Mudvayne, Kitty, etc, I still listen to them anyway haha). But there was these people that thought they were Music Elitist when they're not, anyway, there was always this stupid comment round my head for years "You don't deserve them, forget about them and stick with Linkin Park" firstly, they were literally telling me Linkin Park was a bad band, suckers, what do they know? but as I was saying, it really bothered me those kind of comments, eventually, after The Beatles, I started to listen to bands/artists like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc (Not as much as The Beatles of course) so then a friend told me "Oh, you're learning, now you kind of deserve 'em" ¬¬' who would have thought that now he comes to me to ask me about The Beatles, HA!.

There's also these old people that just can't believe one can be a Beatles' fan and they're always asking you stupid questions to prove that you really are, funny thing is that I always end up knowing more than them too, again, HA!. The questions goes for "Who was the first Beatles' drummer?" "Pete Best" "Are you sure?" "Yes, he was the son of the owner of the Casbah and played the drums, the guys needed a drummer so they asked Pete, but kicked him out because Ringo was better, BTW Ringo was in a band called Rory Storm & The Hurricanes, Stu was The Beatles' first bassist but died and Paul took his place, need more?" and they feel really stupid afterwards xD. They should never doubt a fan knowledge, they could have lived it, but we have INTERNET hahaha.

But on the wonderful side of being a Beatles' fan is that their music is awesome, they were four real human beings, with flaws and such, they smoke, they cursed, they were/are also really really funny and witty. They were original, controversial and honest. They did what they wanted, they said what they wanted, they acted how they wanted (ok, at least after they got rid of the clean boys image).

There are also like a billion of other devoted fans like me, which whom are AWESOME too, I've met so many wonderful people through this fandom it makes me love 'em even more (yes, that's possible). We (the fans) are crazy and live Beatlemania 40 years later not caring if we scare people away. It's just awesome being a fan.

The guys are also so normal you kind of feel like you do REALLY know them, back then, they were so exposed to the press their personal lives are known all around the globe, so their mistakes as their success are well known by the fans. Yes, it sucks that they were treated like things or possessions, but thanks to that we feel a bit more related to them in a deeper way. Like me with Linkin Park, I love 'em, yes I do, but I only know little things about them, I don't really know them, but with The Beatles, I feel like I do (and I know I'm not the only one). Actually, over the communities, we have such talks it sounds like we have psychoanalyzed them one by one until we get to understand what they acted that way, and to be quite honest, lots of people seems to be right.

Also, to make it even funnier, we have the music, yes, but we also have a lot of funny footage like Piramus and Thisbe and other great interviews like "Ready Steady Go" in which the girl asked Paul if it's true that he sleeps with his eyes open and he answered something like "Well, I haven't actually seen me sleeping" HAHAHA, or the Anthologies, but better yet, their movies, they're hilarious, witty and some times also very sentimental, intriguing, and sad (Let it Be). Or kinda weird like Magical Mystery Tour. As a Beatles fan you have something sure, you'll never get bored, not of their music, not of their movies, they're simply AWESOME!.

Being a Beatles' fan is something you'll never ever regret.


Paul's back in the game
Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ok, right now I'm just really really pissed and really really jealous, but not for a stupid reason like "Omg, I wanted him single for meeey" nope, but because he had been through so many awful things I think he had have enough, and girls and love can only bring him one thing right now -- pain. I don't want that for me Paulie, nope, no more of that.

First picture, Rosanna Arquette, there's this article about them going out that just pisses me off, not because I hate her 'cause I don't (I actually love her character in What About Brian) but because I thought that after Heather he'd have done with girls (he said it, not me) so why the bloody hell is he dating again?. AND not one, but TWO women at the same time. Just like two weeks ago I was reading (and seeing) about him kissing with Nancy Shevell (the brunette). At first I thought "Finally a brunette after so many blondes" haha, but c'mon!!! he isn't even divorced yet, why is he already dating?.

Maybe it's because I love Linda way too much and no other girl will be compared to her (not even close) but c'mon, love isn't all you need Paul, go and screw around but please don't come up with the "Oh jeez, I'm so in love I'll marry this girl, we're in love, love love love" fuck it, just DON'T FALL IN LOVE. I mean, he's very known for being a womenizer, he was known for being the one that fucked half of the female population in Great Britain, why can't be the same ol' Paulie that used to have like a billion of girls in his BED not his heart, why? WHYYYY? hehehe.

Anyway, I might be just rushing things, maybe he's just screwing around *lol* but I'm just paranoid of him getting married with another gold digging bitch. I just can't stand the idea of him being sad, seriously, look at young Paul, he was so bright and happy, look at him after Linda died, it's heartbreaking, but he moved on, and what happened? he got married with Satan's daughter!!! I just want him to be happy, I wish he was able to be happy by himself, not because a bloody bird is by his side, but I guess life isn't that fair, aight?.

I'm off now.


Sexy much?
Thursday, November 22, 2007

My new favorite picture of Paul McCartney.... oh GOD!!! *dies*


Chester had another accident
Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've just heard Chester Bennington had another accident (he broke his wrist not long ago) now he hit his upper lip playing tennis... with his own racket ¬¬'. It was before his show in Singapore, he had six stitches. Awww my poor little baby, he's always having accidents (or getting sick) or he just hates me and likes to have me all worried over him *lol*. I posted this over at my site (chester-land.com) that's why the pic is tagged hehe. Anyway, hope he doesn't step into ER again in any time soon.


Some pictures of Paul McCartney
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here, some random pictures of Paul McCartney. He's a perfect work of art, at least in front of my eyes, he is.

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Off The Ground

These past few days I've been really obsessed with Paul McCartney's "Off The Ground" album, it's just too awesome, it has two of my favorite songs "Mistress and Maid" and "The Lovers That Never Were". But right now I'm getting obsessed with Off The Ground, C'mon People, Biker Like An Icon and I Owe It All To You and.... ok, the whole album is awesome.

Well, actually, I've been obsessed with Paul's solo music these past few days (I've always been, but I've been ONLY listening to Paul these past three days *lol*) his voice is amazing, it's really touching, and there are times that I can't stop listening to him, it makes me want to shout how much I love him hehehe gosh his voice is one of a kind... seriously, it makes me feel like a billion different feelings, he's just too awesome :D.

And just because I love these lyrics quite a lot... here it is Off The Ground

There must have been a lot of heartache
For you to sink so low.
You must have had a ton of pressure.
Only answer if the answer´s no.

I need loving, you need loving too.
Doesn´t take a lot to get off the ground.

There must have been a lot of magic
When the world was born.
Let me be the one you wish for,
One you call for, when you´re all alone.

I need loving, you need loving too.
Wouldn´t take a lot to get off the ground.

Off the ground, off the ground.
Fly around, fly around.
Hear the sound, hear the sound.
Off the ground, off the ground.

Though it takes a lot of power
To make a big tree grow.
It doesn´t need a pot of knowledge,
For a seed knows what a seed must know.

You need loving, I need loving too.
Doesn´t take a lot to get off the ground.

Off the ground, off the ground.
Fly around, fly around.
Hear the sound, hear the sound.
Off the ground, off the ground.

Hear the sound, hear the sound.
Off the ground, off the ground.
Yeah yeah, off the ground.


Music, Film, TV, Books and Other Stuff
Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music, Film, TV, Books and Other Stuff (50 questions)
Favourite Band?:Linkin Park, The Beatles, The Doors and Nirvana
Favourite Solo Artist?:John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley
Top 3 Albums? 1.:Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
2.:Rubber Soul - The Beatles
3.:Chaos and Creation in the Backyard - Paul McCartney
Favourite Song?:Can't name just one
Song You Want Played At Funeral?:Leave Out All The Rest to make everyone cry *lol*
Best Gig You've Seen?:Fobia
How Many CD's Do You Own?:I own so many I haven't even counted them *lol* more than 100 that's fo sure.
Top 3 Films? 1.:East of Eden
2.:Star Wars Episode III
3.:Superman Returns
Favourite Actor?:James Dean, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, etc
Favourite Actress?:Julia Roberts
Favourite Director?:George Lucas
Have You Ever Walked Out Of A Film?:Yes
If Yes What Film?:Can't remember
British Or American TV Shows?:British (and I haven't seen that many)
Top 3 TV Comedies? 1.:Friends
2.:Two and a Half Men
3.:..... don't know xD (not a telly fan)
Top 3 TV Dramas? 1.:ER
2.:House MD
3.:ehmmm.... don't know
Top 3 Books? 1.:I have to pass, I've read too many
2.:and my memory sucks
3.:and can't remember any xD
Favourite Author?:Wilde may be
How Many Books Do You Own?:Mine, like 35/40... I usually borrow them
Food And Drink
Favourite Type Of Food?:Mexican duh
Favourite Meal?:Smashed Potates
Favourite Non Alchololic Drink?:Sprite
Favourite Alcholic Drink?:Vodka
What You Want From Life
Ideal Job?:Musician
Most Important Quality In Partner?:Sense of humour and trust
Your Best Quality?:Listener
What Would You Change About Yourself If You Could?:Nothing
What Would You Change About Your Body If You Could?:Weight
One Thing You Regret?:Nothing really
What Do You Want From Next 10 Years?:Happiness
Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site


Fanatic - Superman
Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is my collection of the things I have of Superman, they're not all, but they're enough for a post.
1) My lighter 2) A pair of socks (navy blue), I have more but I thought there was no use on taking a picture of every one of them, I have baby blue, white, and gray socks just like these ones.

1) It's a box from my little cousin's birthday, it was only for boys (she's a girl) and even if I'm not a boy, they had to give me the boy's box because I'm obsessed with Superman hehe (it had candies in it) 2) The box also had a balloon, and this is it.

1) My uncle gave me this from a kids party he attended xD 2) My little cousin gave me this xD.

1) One of my school's Notebook, wish all of them were of Superman *lol* 2) It's a little box, just bought it 'cause it's Superman.

1 & 2) Another note book, the first picture is how the note book's sheets look like.

1) A Necklace 2) My bed and pillows

A kids' shirt I bought just because it was Superman, I don't even have little brothers to wear it.

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New Layout

Finally a new layout is up :D this one is dedicated to Superman, hope you like it.

Today I wanted to go and rent all the old Superman movies, but they weren't there anymore ¬¬'. I've been wanting to rent them for a looong time now 'cause I can barely remember them, but now they're not there anymore. It sucks.

I really want to see Chris Reeve's movies, I found some pictures of him today (as Superman, of course) and now I can't wait to see the movies, no matter how much I love Brandon Routh, Chris Reeve's gonna always be SUPERMAN.

Good news? Superman Returns is going to be aired in HBO Plus (mexico)... RIGHT NOW!!! I own the movie, but I'll watch it anyway.

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Layout 3 - The Beatles

Version: The Beatles
Since: October 11, 2007
Until: November 10,2007
Colors: Black, Grey and Green
Note: The Beatles is a band I really admire so I had to make a layout about them. The pictures are from the Sgt. Pepper's press photo shoot.


Lie to Me
Friday, November 9, 2007

I've just found out Brandon Routh's going to be on another movie called Lie To Me. If you don't know me, well... I'm a hyper fan of Superman, soooo I love Brandon Routh xD (omg, just LOOK AT HIM *drools*) anyway, I found out today... this is what the movie's about:

Lie to Me chronicles an attractive young couple’s open relationship as it is stretched to the breaking point when they find themselves falling in love with other people. This sexy, energetic, and provocative romance explores such universal issues as honesty, jealousy, commitment, maturity, understanding and ultimately our capacity for love.

Lie to Me stars Brandon Routh, best known as Superman/Clark Kent in the international blockbuster hit Superman Returns. In addition, it features Steve Sandvoss (Rumor Has It, Latter Days), Nick Wechsler (TV’s Roswell), Courtney Ford, Ellen Hollman and Shoshana Bush.

I can't wait to see it... I know I'll miss the blue eyes xD but brown eyed Brandon is still very veeery hot (duh, he's naturally brown eyed xD). Seriously guys, I have this huuuge obsession with Superman/Brandon (specially the Superman image/logo) my bed is all Superman (even the pillows), I have lighters, boxes, posters, a necklace, even a small t-shirt with Brandon as Superman (even though I don't have kids or little brothers to wear it)... OBSESSED!. And it'll be pretty nice to see him on another character, to see him more than just "Superman".

Anyway, here are some promo pictures of the movie.

PS: Superman Man Of Steel will be released in 2009, shucks, and I already can't wait xD a very looong wait.

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House MD
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I got House MD's three seasons for my mom's birthday (she loves the show and made me love it as well). And it was like a present for both of us, 'cause I can't deny I'm obsessed with this show hehe. Because of my lack of free time I'm not able to watch it that constantly, so I've missed lots of episodes, so right now I'm catching up with the DVD's, veeery very slowly but I'm catching up. Hugh Laurie's the BEST!!!. Seriously, (even without his lovely British accent and lack of hair) House's character fits him perfectly, actually, I'd have never found him "attractive" if it wasn't for this show, I've seen some of his movies before and he was just another actor xD but after House MD, wow... I'm always drooling for him *lol*.

Of course I also love Wilson haha, he's the cutest thing ever, his puppy eyes and childish smile makes me go "Awww". I love this show quite terribly. And feel kinda bad, 'cause I realized I have a thing for Doctors shows xD I started with ER, House and then Gray's Anatomy xD. But right now I'm not really into ER as before when it used to be my favorite show EVER.... well, I still watch the re-runs and they keep my attention way more than the new ones (of course, without Carter it's not the same xD). Anyway, just wanted to talk about House 'cause I've just finished watching the DNR episode xD.

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