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Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen...
Saturday, April 18, 2009

I think I'm quite convinced that no one will ever take his place, I'm so sorry Ew, ten years can't be erased so easily hehe!. Today I saw him on Miss Potter and I'm just still in love with him *lol* and even though RDJ won't take his place, I think they are both my favorite actor, I can't choose one over the other anymore. They're both awesome, and I just adore Ewan to forget him so easily. I wish I could find more of his movies, but I'm just glad now I own one more them.

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Kurt D. Cobain
Saturday, April 4, 2009

“If you die you're completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I'm not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I've got.” - Kurt Cobain
Today is Kurt Cobain's 15th death anniversary. I was really really young when he died, I was only 8 years old (about to turn 9) but I do remember how shocked the world was when they found out about his death on April 5th. Everyone talked about it, my older cousins were devastated because they were fans of the band. I just couldn't realize why it was so important, until I grew up and re-discovered the band by myself. Today I know what a great loss it was. I'm part of the few people that truly believes that Kurt Cobain was murdered and did not commit suicide, but I guess the fact that he "killed" himself is what made him the legend he is now, everyone loves a martyr, isn't it? Everyone just wanted to believe he killed himself because he was becoming something he hated, because of fame or whatever, but the truth was, that he had a little kid, and a whole life ahead, he had no reasons to die, but there were many reasons why someone would want him killed (Courtney had MAAAAAAAAAAAANY). But murdered or not, he's not here anymore and that's what matters, he made a change and left and we're gonna always remember who Kurt Cobain was.

“I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
Rest in Peace, Kurt!!!
February 20, 1967 - April 4, 1994


Congratulations Robert!!!


So, my obsession with Robert Downey Jr. is almost a year old, it's actually... 11 months old, and no one thought it would last this long and still so strong. I adore that man, I simply adore him. I haven't had the time to watch his movies lately, I haven't had the time to do literally nothing lately. But I just remembered I already have Two Girls And A Guy and haven't watched it yet. I was sad 'cause I had no movies left of him to watch, glad to see I do and I will watch it first time tomorrow. I also have to go to my fave record store to get some of his movies, I haven't watched one in like a month or two, and that's just TOO much, I need more of his movies. I read The Soloist is going to be premiered this month in the US, I hope it's also premiered in Mexico 'cause I've been waiting for that movie quite a long time hehe.

PS. Isn't that picture just gorgeous? :D



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