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Someone to talk to...
Thursday, October 30, 2008

When asked if he thinks he’ll ever become accustomed to that aspect of his newfound celebrity, he simply replied, “No. It’s just a certain amount of acceptance, I guess. The only kind of strange thing is when you get photographed,” he continued. “When people come up to you, it’s completely understandable, but if someone’s secretly photographing you that’s kind of weird. I don’t think you’d ever get used to that. You can’t really live normally when that’s happening. But people coming up to you is always kind of nice. I don’t do anything during my day, so it’s someone to talk to.”
This made me go awwww. He's so adorable, I love his interviews and how shy he can get. He's simply gorgeous.

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Twilight & New Moon
Friday, October 24, 2008

In 6 days I read two books, Twilight and New Moon. I personally liked them because I pictured Robert Pattinson as Edward the whole time and because I'm a die hard romantic... but other than that, I wouldn't probably care about these books. They're for teen readers anyway.

In the first book you're introduced to Bella Swan, a troubles magnet, and the most whining and annoying girl EVER. Also you meet the Cullens, a peculiar family of... Vampires. Edward Cullen is the hero and the main male character whom for some strange reason falls for Bella. These are the kind of Vampires that can go around in the morning light without having a horrible death (first weird thing). The story is mainly about love, very easy to read with very easy words. The book sounds like a very long fan fiction so Stephenie Meyer should work on her writing if she wants to ever have a serious book.

New Moon shows the consequences of being in love with a Vampire. But Bella can't just stay away from troubles, so she now finds another mythical monster to hang around with, also, a mean Vampire threatens her and puts her whole family and friends in danger... AGAIN. But our lovely Edward is always there to save the day.... kind of a SuperVampire.

And even though these books are really simple, I do quite like the story... and picturing Robert Pattinson while reading makes it quite better. So, yes... I'm going to read the rest of the books.

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Officially obsessed

He's extremelly good looking, has a sexy British accent, beautiful smile, great hair and it's also a singer and musician. How was I supposed to not like him? I'm officially obsessed with Robert Pattinson.

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Holmes & Watson
Sunday, October 12, 2008

I almost peed my pants... why? I already knew Robert was playing Sherlock Holmes, but I didn't know who was going to play Watson and you can't even imagine what a thrill I got to know it was JUDE LAW. Man, two of my favorite actors in one movie... now I can't wait, I'm literally desperate.

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Slowly dying from his sexiness
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fuck, and I thought he couldn't get any sexier. These pics are from his new movie Sherlock Holmes. Look at that smile, and his hair... gaaah GORGEOUS!. Now I seriously can't wait for this movie.

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He's just... perfect
Friday, October 3, 2008

I've done this before but I'm always finding new "favorite" pictures. So this is now my new favorite picture of Paul McCartney. He can't be any hotter, seriously... he's simply PERFECT!.

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