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Pushing Daisies
Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is like the best TV show EVER. It was premiered last week here in Mexico and I'm already in love. It's so original I fell in love just with the ads. I really hope it will last 'cause I've never been so obsessed with a show since ER. I just love everything about it, so I guess I'll be posting about it here. YAY, finally a show I really love. PS: The guy is HOT.

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Under The Same Moon
Monday, April 7, 2008

So I watched Under The Same Moon last night and I quite liked it, and it's something that really surprised me 'cause I'm not really fond of Mexican movies (and I'm Mexican, who would have thought?). It has some cheesy parts but the rest of it is really emotional. The kid is adorable and you can't help but worry about him and all the shit he goes through. Also, it's about a real thing, about people trying to go to the states to work and stuff. I don't want to dig the subject, but sometimes I wonder why it's so hard for Mexicans to go there when almost all my grandparent's neighbours are American?. Anyway, about the movie... it's really touching and it's about a kid that crosses the border to see his mom again after four years of being apart (his 9 btw). He goes through a lot of shit but gets to go to LA. It's really a beautiful movie about what'd you do for your mom or son. Have I mentioned the kid is ADORABLE? it broke my heart every time he cried *sniff*. Oh, if you're Californian and actually voted for Schwatchgskfnsjkf (however the fuck his AUSTRIAN name is spelled) don't watch it, we make fun of him teehe ok it says "He's just another immigrant that comes from farer away" truth!. Sorry, I swore I'd never EVER talk about politics 'cause it always ends up badly.... now I'm off but... I'll be back (hahaha sorry I can't stop). Watch the movie if you please, it's a good one :).

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FANatic - Elvis Presley
Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ok now it's time for my Elvis Presley collection which isn't much because I've only been a fan for a year and a half. I think this isn't everything, I have a big poster and 2 DVD's I haven't taken a picture of, but it's almost everything I have of Elvis.

The first really fancy thing I got of Elvis is this lunch box that my mom bought for me. That's when I realized I was obsessed, 'cause my mom won't ever buy anything she knows I'm not obsessed with, so this is when I realized I was *lol*.

This is a lighter I bought. I loved it, I've never used it because is for my collection and I don't want to scartch it or anything, so it's still in its box *lol*. Isn't it beautiful?

If you look closely, you can see a poster and my wall clock. The wall clock was a present from some friends for my 22nd birthday. I loved it.

This is like the best present I could ever get. It's a dancing and singing tellephone, I love receiving calls since I got it (it was a present from my mom) he dances and sings "Hound Dog" it's BEAUTIFUL. I even love the box (which is huuuge) and it's from the 68' Come Back special (which I also have it on DVD).

This is my "The Elvis Medley" vynil album. I got it for a very good price and it's in a good shape. I fell in love with it :D.

This is a magazine I got which has a long article about Elvis and some pin ups :D.

I love this post card, 'cause it was my christmas present from my best friend Benjamin. That's why I love my friends, they understand my fandoms *lol*.

And finally the movies I have, they're Love Me Tender, Flaming Star and Wild In The Country. My favorite is Love Me Tender, he's sooo cute but I also loved Wild In The Country in which he is a ladies man and he also sings I slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell in it and I love that song *lol*.

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Scott Weiland is no longer part of Velvet Revolver

I've just heard this and thought it sucks... BUT the article I read (which I can't post here because it was in Spanish) it said one of the reasons why they kicked Scott out of the band was because he was planning a new tour (or reunion, can't recall) with Stone Temple Pilots. And if you ask me to choose between VR and STP, HECK I'd choose Stone Temple Pilots... so in a way I'm glad he's not part of VR anymore. But that means there will be less of Scotty for me to listen to. Anyway, STP will make a show in Canada on July (along with Linkin Park) so I'm happy. And that's it.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I finally bought Trainspotting (I was wondering why I had never seen it before if Ewan McGregor is my favorite actor). A lot of my friends had told me this movie was great and stuff, but I think they only liked it because they were a bunch of junkies too. But the movie isn't that bad but it isn't THAT GOOD either. It's nice, I liked it and I enjoyed watching it. My brother had told me it was like Requiem for a Dream (which I hated) so I was hesitant on buying it, but I gave in and I liked it, it's NOTHING like Requiem, the other one was quite BORING and this one even makes you laugh.

The movie is about a group of friends that most of them are junkies (and one that wasn't ends up being one). It talks about death and all those consequences of being a junkie. Another one that shows you what Cold Turkey must be like and all the things they do to get a hit. I think is a good movie, probably not a MUST SEEN but is a good one after all.

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