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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok, I never thought I'd say this, but I liked it... I actually loved it. Who am I kidding? it's all because of Jim Sturgess hahaha I should quit my habit of liking movies 'cause of the leading actor, aight?. The movie didn't suck, that's the truth... I quite liked it, not my favorite but I did like it. I thought I was going to hate all the Beatles' covers but I actually didn't. I really liked Oh! Darling and ALL the songs sung by Jim hahaha. Specially Revolution and All You Need Is Love. If you like The Beatles, and hate covers... I swear you won't hate them, you might not like them but at least you won't hate them hehe.

What the movie's about? Well, it's all about the Vietnam war, hippies and the sixties. Centered in a relationship between Jude and Lucy. How Lucy is all passionate about the anti-war movements and how Jude didn't mind about it, 'cause he was... oh well, British hehe. It's a nice one, at least to pass the time. Oh and there are little Beatles' lyrics/quotes all along the movie, like when Jude says "She came in through the bathroom window". And all the names came from their songs, like Sadie, who happened to be sexy HAHA. I just loved everything related to the Beatles :D (and Jim who happened to look like me Paulie-love) PS: The pic in which Jim is singing with a microphone, is when he's singing All You Need Is Love, a parody of the Rooftop concert and the way he sang the song was BEAUTIFUL.

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My Favorite Actors #1
Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is well known that I'm a movie addicted and specially an actors addicted. I have too many favorite actors to count. But not many have lasted years (or will last years) that's why I'm going to make a list of why I love my favorite actors.

Why do I like him? like him? I LOVE HIM!!!! I was only a teenager when I fell in love with this actor. I was excited to see Star Wars Episode I, 'cause since I was a kid, my brother and my Dad introduced me to those movies. But big was my surprise, that my favorite character (Obi-Wan Kenobi) was played by a Scotch gorgeous man. But I was far from being a fan. I liked him, yes... I watched the movie over and over again? yes. But I knew nothing about him or any of his movies.
I grew up, kept loving Obi but didn't know much about Ewan. I saw Black Hawk Down and was like "Look!!! It's Obi-Wan" haha. Then I saw Moulin Rouge and the rest is history. I fell in love with the movie and my love for Ewan grew so much I've been a fan for YEARS. He's actually, the actor I've liked longer.
There's no doubt that he's a talented guy. I personally loved him in Star Wars Episode III. But he has some pretty weird movies like The Pillow Book, I didn't understand a thing about that movie hehe, The Serpent's Kiss was pretty bizarre too. But in the end, it doesn't matter what kind of movies he makes, he's still good in them. Down With Love can always makes me laugh and Moulin Rouge steals my heart every time. He's also a hell of a GRRREAT singer.
Well, he is simply gorgeous. His eyes and smile are PERFECT. He's not the typical pretty face. He is more like a normal guy, he might be gorgeous in front of my eyes but can be seen as ugly in front of someone elese's eyes. He's not a "Brad Pitt" kind of gorgeous and that's what I like about him. His teeth are huuuuge and funny, but I love his smile. I love his beard and the colour of his hair. It some times looks darker than it is. And it doesn't matter which colour he dye his hair, it always looks good. I personally love his light brown hair (and long too).
He's down to earth and I love that. He's not a CELEBRITY and fame hasn't got to his head. And you can easily tell he doesn't mind about being trendy or cool, he dresses the way he likes it (sometimes I even wonder if he ever baths). He's also a family guy and I love when he mentions his kids and wife.

This is another actor that has a special place in my heart. And it doesn't matter if he's gone now... I'll always love him, his movies and his talent. This is another actor I've liked for YEARS. I remember the first time I saw 10 Things I Hate About You 8/9 years ago. He stole my heart in a second. And even though, 10 things is a total chick flick and can't be compared to the movies I like now, it's gonna always be one of my favorite movies just because I found out about this incredible actor thanks to it. I've seen lots of his movies and I can't wait for The Imaginarious of Dr. Parnassus. And it's just sad that he he passed away when he finally got a role that won everyone's respect and admiration. But for me, Heath's gonna always be more than just The Joker.
Everybody ignored this man and thought he was made just for chick flicks (when he only actually did ONE at the beginning of his career) he got a lot of bullshit for playing a Gay Cowboy. But no one really realized what a great actor he was until his death and until the Joker. If you want a proof that he was a great actor (aside for the world wide known Joker) watch Candy, that movie will break your heart. Or any of his movies, he's always been GREAT.
He had a child-like look on his eyes. It didn't matter his strong voice or tall body, he looked like a boy with those eyes. I loved his messy hair, specially when he had it longer, like in 10 Things or when he was making The Dark Knight movie. His nose is one of the biggest noses I've ever seen but it was well shapped and I loved it. Also, his lips were awwww yummilicious. And something I personally loved about his body, was his really wide back... he looked really big and tough sometimes. And he's one of the very few men I like with shaved/really short hair.
He wasn't a celebrity either and he never wanted to be one. He just loved acting and that's not a common thing on actors (and that made him even more special to me). What about his interviews? he never seemed to be an outgoing person, he was always shy and answered honestly and not what the press wanted to hear. Not a trendy guy either, I loved and adored his style, always unique and different. His beanies and unmatching scarves were the best (or his stripped socks).

He's just the kind of man I'd like. A reputation of a bad boy, witty personality and a hell of a great and sarcastic humor. Just my kind of guy. I've known about him my whole life (kind of) I still remember the first time I saw Chaplin and how I loved the movie because I've always liked Chaplin. I was only a kid and that was YEARS ago. But it wasn't until I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the first time on April of 2008 that I fell in love with this man. Then I saw Iron Man and I became a fan with a blink of an eye. Ever since, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang became one of my favorite movies ever and I've watched it more times that I can count. I also made a research and now I know a lot of things about him, and the more I know, the more I like him. So he's now officially... one of my favorite actors.
He won a really bad reputation thanks to his old addictions and had problems getting hired for that. But with his come back with Iron Man he has proven everyone that he's better than ever. He IS talented, he might have got the chance to be where he is thanks to his famous family, but he IS talented and he IS a great actor. I've seen more movies of this actor than any other so I can judge his talent and he is AWESOME. I've seen a total of 21 of his movies, from the 70's to '08 and he never cease to amaze me. He can play any kind of character (but for some reason he keeps playing partying guys, or alcoholic guys or drug addicts). Fur, is an amazing movie... a bit bizarre but amazing, you can never see his face but his eyes are so freaking expressive that end up loving him too. In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang you can see his funny side. His character is really stupid that ended up being an actor and a detective, but you can't stop laughing. But there's this bit where he's all messed up and starts to cry that touches your heart. And that's when I say "He's a good actor". Less Than Zero is a great movie from the 80's. There he proves he's been talented since the beginning. He's just awesome.
What can I say? he's simply PERFECT. But I've let everyone know that the first thing about him that caught my attention was..... HIS LIPS!!! They're perfect and gorgous. They have the perfect shape, they aren't too thin or too fat, they're just perfect. He also has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen (and wide too hehe). Then, his eyes... they're so freaking expressive I love them and they're so big and cute, they're like puppy eyes. Oh and his hair, he can do whatever he wants with his hair and still look fantastic. Also, his facial hair is amazing, he can have a goaty and still look cool... he can freakin' have a Sgt. Pepper-like mustache and still look gorgeous.
Oh man, but what I love the most about this man is his personality. He became in my favorite actor in interviews since the very first interview I saw him in. Seriously, he's so sarcastic is amazing. He's also a divo, and he'd say "I'm perfect and you know it" and still get away with it. I don't normally like actors that think they're the best shit in the world, but I can make an exception with Robert 'cause he IS the best shit in the world hehe. He is so funny and witty, I can't keep myself from laughing like crazy when I'm watching his interviews, he has a funny answer for everything. And a thing I love about him, is that he can make fun of himself and still look cool. He is not ashamed to admit he've done mistakes in the past, he makes fun of them because he's through with them, they're in the past now. He's simly AWESOME.

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Less Than Zero
Monday, December 8, 2008

Ok, it looks like I've been neglecting this blog lately. Life's been crazy I guess. Anyway... today I finally had the chance to watch Less Than Zero, that for some reason it became an obsession for me to watch it and now that I did.... I can't complain. I loved it. Not only because I love Robert Downey, Jr. to death but because his acting was awesome. The story is all about three friends that have known each other all of their lives. Julian, Clay and Blair. Julian is RDJ's character... he doesn't go to college after high school and tries to get his own business but he can't really control his addictions. Blair stays at home too because she wants to be a model. Clay is the only one that leaves LA to go to college. When he comes back home for the holidays, everything's changed.... and not precisely for good. It shows you the life of kids in the 80's. Drugs, sex and death... no censure or sugar coat.

Robert Downey, Jr. keeps amazing me. His acting was as good back then as it is now. Seriously, that man is a genius, his eyes are so expressive you totally believe his pain (I did anyway). If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you to watch it, you won't regret it.

Oh, and if you ever wondered (which I doubt) what was the name in Spanish, here's the cover.

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