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Only the gentle are ever really strong...
Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love everything about him, I love his chaldish eyes, his innocent smile, his weird movements and the way he spoke. I just love everything about JAMES DEAN.

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My Favorite Actors #4
Sunday, January 18, 2009

My obsession with this incredible actor began after watching The Godfather. It wasn't long ago, but now I adore him. I already own DVD's and a book about him. And even though I haven't seen that many of his movies (I think I've only seen.... two haha) I do really like him and I'm desperate to watch more of his movies.
One of my favorite jokes at school, is that every time my best mate and I are pretending to be sad or dramatical we shout "STELLAAAAA" hahaha.
I personally can't wait to see The Wild One and Last Tango In Paris (I've already read the book, which have pictures of it hehe). I don't know, I just simply adored him even if I haven't been able to see more of his films. I saw and taped a biography called Brando, that one made the obsession bigger than in the beggining. He was extremely good looking and had such a beautiful smile :D

Who can say that his role as Harvey Dent wasn't adorable? I just fell in love with that man. After The Dark Knight I had the urge to watch more of his movies so I bought No Reservations, which is the movie I've liked him best... his hair was longer and had the shadow of a beard in his face, and was just too freaking adorable for me. I've seen movies like Paycheck, Meet Bill and Black Dhalia, I've also seen a bit of Nurse Betty. I can't wait to see Thank You For Smoking and Towelhead.
I just loved everything about him. His hair, his eyes, that beautiful perfect smile and his manly voice. Also, his shyness in interviews is adoooorable.
The phrase "I Believe In Harvey Dent" was a constant nickname on my msn, and I also own a pencils box of TDK just because of him (and the Joker of course). I just fell hard for him hehe.

It is well known that I'm a Superman obsessed, well... my love for Superman was born after watching Superman Returns and because I simply fell for Brandon, until this day, I haven't seen any of his movies more than bits of a TV show he did and his cameo in What A Girl Wants of Christina Aguilera, but I adore him and I've watched Superman Returns more times that I can count, I literally know all of his lines in the movie and like to quote him in my every day life hehe and I simply can't wait for The Man of Steel. I seriously think he was a GREAT choice for Superman, I hate Tom Welling and every person that has had the guts to play this superhero, for me... there wasn't anyone else but Chris Reeve, until I saw Brandon, he was PERFECT for that role. I'm still trying to get his movies like Lie To Me and such but it's been impossible :( ahhh but I love him no matter what hehe.

Noah has been one of my longest crushes. I've liked him for like 9 years and used to watch ER on prime time or the re-runs. I think I've seen all of his ER Episodes. I even recorded Friends' episode in which he appears with George Clooney, I just adore him.
I've seen some of his movies like White Oleander, Enough and The Librarian. But there was nothing as my obsession with Dr. John Truman Carter III, I used to watch and tape ER's episodes, visit the very few fansites dedicated to him AND his character, I knew like every single fact about him AND Carter. I also used to role play on a yahoo community and was so cool. Abbey Lockhart had to marry Luka Kovac for me to stop hating her hahaha I was/am just obsessed with that show. I remember I cried like a baby every time he cried, I smiled like an idiot every time he did, and swoon every time he was shirtless on the screen hahaha. It was awesome, I loved every minute of this fandom and I miss it so much.
I'm trying to get more of his movies and all ER Seasons he was in :D wish me luck with that hehe!

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My Favorite Actors #3
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in the good ol' teenage years, I had a huge obsession with Josh. It all began when I saw Pearl Harbor back in 2001 and I've liked him ever since. I've seen as many of his movies as I've could. My favorites would be Pearl Harbor and Wicker Park (which I own... both). I even had to put my fear for Michael Myers behind to see him in Halloween H20 that's how much I love him.
I even made a yahoo group about him back then, I loved visiting fansites and learning about him. Now it's not that constant, but I'm always aware of what he's doing and try to visit his fansites as often as possible.
He's simply adorable and I love his smile and how his eyes literally get lost when he's smiling. He has a boy-ish face for that thick voice of him. I don't know, I simply adore him and is very special to me. I remember someone spoiled Pearl Harbor for me and I already knew what happened, so every time Danny did something cute I'd start crying because I knew what was going to happen to him haha.

Keanu has a really long career, so he's one of those actors I've known for all of my life. But my love (or obsession heh) for him started in 2004 when I met a guy that kinda looked like him. I started watching and re-watching his movies. I saw all the Matrix movies in the theater and ever since, I try to watch his movies in the theater. I remember I waited for Constantine for a long long time and when it was released I went crazy and simply loved it. Every time lit a cigarette I'd say "Constantine, Chester Constantine asshole" haha.
I'm obsessed with The Lake House and I've seen it like a million of times, the same with Sweet November, those movies aren't good for corny people like myself. And I've seen as many of his movies as I could, then again... he has TOO MANY movies. One of my favorite movies when I was growing up was Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, who would have said I was going to love this man a decade after? hehe. Not long ago, I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still and even though I didn't really like the movie I adored him in it, he's simply AWESOME. I used to have like a million of pictures of him on my computer (and they should be backed up somewhere) and I used to visit his fansites like crazy, but it's not that constant anymore. Now I'm only on LJ communties and they keep me updated.

He's simply freaking Johnny Depp, I don't think I have to explain WHY I like him, do I?. I think he's an awesome actor and one of the bests of his generation. Edward Scissorhands was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up (even though it kind of scared me too) and I feel I've known about him and liked him for all of my life hehe. I can't say I'm a FAN because I don't really know much about him, nor I visit his fansites, but I know that I do admire him and would watch his movies if I find them for rent, or wait for the new ones to watch them on the theater.
The movie that got me hooked was The Secret Window, it was simply awesome and Johnny was like always great. He can play ANY character he wants, he can make you laugh as a pirate or creep you out as an evil barber. He's also extremely good looking and very sexy hehe. I just saw A Nightmare on Elm Street and he was so young there it made me laugh. I still need to watch LOTS of his movies, but I've also seen a LOT of his movies. Oh he's also a quite talented singer, and Sweeney Todd's soundtrack is constantly played on my computer. I can't wait for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I think it will be interesting for me to watch since it's Heath Ledger's last movie but I'm glad Johnny is part of it, I bet he's going to do a great work.

Well, he's a brand new crush and I've only liked him for a month, but I know it will last longer. I've also only seen three of his movies, Anchors Aweigh, American in Paris and the one featured in the layout Singing in the Rain. He's got like every talent out there, he could act, sing and dance and he did every one of them very graciously. He had a charming smile that could melt every single heart, at least his smile enchanted me.
Something I really liked about him, is that it didn't matter the movie I was watching, he always seemed like a very happy person, and the videos and pictures I've seen just confirm it, he was always with a smile and just looked like a really nice guy. I personally love his voice, I'm obsessed with his songs. Right now I can't wait to find more of his movies 'cause I do think he was awesome in everything he did. He makes tap-dancing look easy. The way he danced, how he was always smiling made it look easy, like he didn't even had to make any kind of effort to move the way he did. I don't know, I just fell in love with him hehe!.

I've liked him ever since The Goblet of Fire, I did really like him and watched that movie a million of times just for him. I felt it was time for the Harry Potter crew to finally have someone that was actually GOOD LOOKING hehe. Anyway, I was super excited when I read he was going to be in a new movie about vampires called Twilight, then I found out it was from a book so I read the books ONLY because he was in my mind. I didn't really like the books but picturing him as Edward made it at least enjoyable.
Now I'm literally SICK of all the Twilight fuss, I personally loved him in The Bad Mother's Handbook more than I did in Twilight. I can't see why so many people went nuts with those movies/books. Anyway, now I kind of feel embarrassed to say I like HIM 'cause people would immediately think I like the Twilight crap when I don't really. I can't wait to see Little Ashes and How To Be, his character Art looks like someone I'd like hehe more than Edward, so I simply can't wait.
He also seems like such a normal kid, his interviews became an obsession to me... I loved reading them, I loved his answers and how honest he was. Also his sarcasm and sense of humor made me love him more. I just wish people's craziness won't change him 'cause I can really see a future in his acting.

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Long Live The King
Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 1935: On Old Saltillo Road in East Tupelo, Mississippi, in a house he built himself, Vernon Presley summons Dr. William R. Hunt to assist Mrs. Gladys Presley in giving birth to twin boys. The first, Jesse Garon is delivered stillborn at 4:00 AM. The second, Elvis Aaron Presley, is born at 4:35 AM.
A day like today, the only one King of Rock n' Roll was born and the history of music was meant to be changed forever. Elvis Presley would have been 74 today. His music and legacy will remain longer than anyone expected. He'll keep inspiring young kids of generations way different to his own. And his music will make people dance all through the years.

Happy Birthday, Elvis
You really were.... THE ONE!!!


There's no other men man enough to be another...
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

That's right, there's no other men, man enough to be another JAMES DEAN!!! (that's actually a lyric from a song by Hilary Duff, puagh... the only song I like of her just because it's about Jimmy hehe). Anyway, ever since my post of favorite actors James Dean has been around in my head. I've been watching and downloading a lot of his videos, specially a documentary called "The James Dean Story" which was kind of heartbreaking. For some reason, everything related to this man kind of saddens me. He was a really messed up kid and wasn't really happy, when he was finally finding himself he died *cries*.

I mean, when you're in your early 20's you're still kind of confused with yourself, at least I still am, right now I'm kind of finally finding a balance in my life and I think we all go through that, now I'm 23 just a year younger than him and I still feel like I have a LOT of things to do, things he didn't have a chance to enjoy. It saddens me even though I never met him and I've only liked him for a couple of years, but he had that innoscent look on his face that simply makes you love him and that same look on his face makes you feel like crap because he died so young and not so very happy.

I kind of feel related to him in a way, and the documentary just confirmed what I've said. He said he wanted people around him but kept pushing them away, I do that ALL the time and still ignore why. He avoided people and never let them see the real James Dean, he was afraid of something, so am I. For some reason, it frustrates me more than it should to know these things, all of my life I've been wanting to know someone that felt the same way as I do so I'd stop being so "weird" and "different" but every time I do, that other person has been dead for a long time.

I think he was a great actor, that he still had a lot to give to his audience and Eden, Rebel and Giant were only little proves of what he was able to do. He was only 24, he missed a lifetime of experiences to become in an even BETTER actor.... what a freakin' shame. He also wanted to be a director, with the imagination he had, I bet he'd have directed awesome films. He also liked to write and wanted to write. He'd have done a LOT of things. He was simply TOO FREAKIN' YOUNG!.

It's just a shame the world lost someone as big as him.

"He left Indiana to become a star, and he came back to become a legend"
James Byron Dean
1931 - 1955

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I just noticed that I've only posted two graphics in the year and three months the site has been online and I've made several graphics since I made this site, shame on me.


These are some manips I did of Aaron Eckhart and, well... mey, for my own amusement hehe


A very simple graphic I did with the famous lines of The Godfather with a picture of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone.


Yes, I have some serious obsession on making pictures of me kissing a celebrity hehe.


This is an old graphic I did for my MySpace's background.

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Oh no, not in the face!!!
Monday, January 5, 2009

+ x

Apparently, on a fight scene my Robbie got the real thing from that HUGE guy.
The incident occurred in November in London, England, during shooting of a scene for Robert Downey Jr.'s latest movie Sherlock Holmes. Maillet whose film debut was in the epic movie 300, released in 2007, didn't intend to strike the actor on the chin but did so in a fight scene.

Downey was supposed to block the blow but there was a miscue in the choreographed fight scene.

"It wasn't supposed to connect," said Maillet.

And while Downey was bloodied by the blow, he wasn't knocked out as reported in the tabloids.

"I was there," Maillet said in an interview from his home this weekend.

Downey, who plays Holmes offers a different twist to the venerated British sleuth. His partner, Watson, is played by Jude Law. Maillet plays the villain Dredger who takes on the famed detective in fight scenes.

The Sherlock Holmes played by Downey is a likeable and much more action-oriented characterization, said Maillet.
Just hope it didn't do any harm to that beautiful face hehe.

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Kiss me!!!

This is a screen test of James Dean with Paul Newman. And I personally loved that little part of "Kiss Me" hahahaha omg!! I love that man. Talking about him on my previous post left me nostalgic so I started watching/downloading videos of James Dean, I'm literally having an overdose right now, remember, do NOT call the doctors ;). Oh what a manly voice Mr. Newman had, me likes it :D

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My Favorite Actors #2

My most known username on the internet is ChesterDEAN, which I created obviously because of this man. I feel it's been forever since I started liking him but the truth is... I've only been a fan for a couple of years (like two and a half). One day I was at my favorite record store looking for new OLD movies to watch, since back then I was desperate for classics. And that's when I saw this guy with a red jacket and said "Rebel Without A Cause" I had to have it, so I bought it. Ever since that day I've been obsessed with him. You have no idea how much I adore this man, even though I don't get to talk that much about him since there's nothing really new to say, but I still like him like the first day.
He only needed three movies to prove the world that there wasn't going to be another James Dean. His first movie is my favorite one, East Of Eden in which he plays the role of Cal, a misunterstood kid that only wanted his father's attention but was always shadowed by his brother. He cries in this movie and that makes your heart shrink until it hurts. In his last movie Giant, his character grows older than he'd ever be and he played it right, you couldn't tell it was only a 24 year old with a little make up playing an old man. He improvised a lot, something the directors loved and that made the scenes more believable.
For me, this man was PERFECT. He had this dreamy-child like eyes that melts my heart, such an inoscent smile it makes you want to love him even more. Really really thin, that actually made him look small hehe. I don't know, he's just ADORABLE!!!. But he could also look sexy, there are some pictures of him that, gee, it takes your breath away hehe.
For what I've read and seen on different videos, he was a weirdo in a good way hehe. I personally love his quotes and all the interviews I've read. He reminds me a lot of myself, don't know why. I can't really describe his personality, I only know I love it and feel related to it.

I started liking Jude the very first moment I saw Alfie (even though I had seen AI first). He was soooo sexy on that movie I simply fell for him hehe. I don't think I have a special reason of why I liked him in the first place more than I thought he was hot. When I saw that movie I wasn't really picky on the movies I saw and the actors I liked. Back then I really liked chick flicks. But the point is, ever since Alfie I've seen lots of his movies (even though not all of them). The Holiday was extremely cute and had me sighing for months and watched three times in A DAY (yes, that much I liked it). I also liked his role in Wilde, he was an ass, but I think he did it right. Another movie I really liked was Cold Mountain but right now I can't really recall much of it since I saw it years ago and I don't have it yet. And I finally made my dream come true of seeing him in a movie with Michael Caine in Sleuth. Until now, Closer is my favorite movie.
Even though I haven't seen all of his movies and the ones I've seen haven't made me think "Oh his acting is brilliant" I still think he's a good actor, otherwise he wouldn't be where he's at, right?. I only know I've liked almost every movie I've seen of his.
It's plain to see by now that I adoooore his face hehe, hi has this sexy look that can drive anybody crazy (specially if he smiles too). Too bad he's loosing his hair *cries* 'cause his hair in Alfie was simply PERFECT!!!. Actually, his looks in Alfie is my favorite ever, the clothes, the hair, everything, he simply looked perfect in Alfie.
I don't really know his real personality, since I don't really watch interviews of his or visit his fansites, let's say... he's one of the very few artists I only see in movies. I know I normally go crazy visiting fansites and knowing every single fact about my actors, but I never did that with Jude. Maybe I did in the early days but not anymore. But that doesn't make him any less special than the others, I still adooore him and would watch ALL of his movies if I could.

This is another not so long obsession, but I freaking LOVE this man. I obviously knew about him while I was growing up and remember watching Scent of a Woman more times than I actually wanted (My mom was obsessed with the tango scene). But I fell in love with him like a year or two ago when I finally (and I mean FINALLY) saw Scarface. I couldn't stop saying "Say hello to my little friend" or "Stick it up your culo" for weeks hehe. I've seen lots of his movies (and still, there are like a billion I need to watch). After Scarface I remember watching Frankie & Johnny and I was really liking his pairing with Michelle Pfeiffer. Most of the movies I've seen of him, I saw them BEFORE my obsession but saw them again just because I wanted hehe. I've seen movies like Any Given Sunday, S1m0ne (just saw it again two days ago, I had already forgotten that movie), The Devil's Advocate, Carlito's Way, City Hall, Sea of Love, Insomnia, People I Know, The Recruit, Ocean's Thirteen, etc, etc. I even went to the theater to watch 88 Minutes and I can't wait to see him as Dali in Dali & I: The Surreal Story and I've waited for that movie waaaaay too long hehe. But if I got obsessed with Scarface, try to imagine how OBSESSED I got after The Godfather saga, gee, I even considere those movies as ones of my favorites now. Freaking Michael Corleone ROCKED!!!.
I mean, do I really have to say he is a freaking talented man? do I? just watch a movie... anyone you want, he always freaking rocks.
When he was young, like in The Godfather I, he was hot haha I personally loved his lips and literally everything of him, even the fact that he looks like a really short man haha. And even now that he's old, I still think he's an attractive old man (does that make me a weirdo? hehe).

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Layout 6 - Iron Man

Version: Iron Man - Because a hero is made...
Since: May 26, 2008.
Until: January 5, 2009
Colors: Grey & Dark Blue
Note: This layout lasted 8 months because I loved it to death, I think it's the best to day. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors and I had to make a layout with his comeback movie Iron Man.


Anchors Aweigh
Saturday, January 3, 2009

The movie was awesome (or so I think 'cause I loved Gene Kelly once more) and ol' good Francis didn't let me down. They did a great team together, and loved their dancing scene. The movie is about two sailors, Joe Brady and Clarance Doolitle. Joe (Kelly) was known as the ladies man in the Navy, Clarance (Sinatra) was a shy little guy that wanted Joe to teach him how to treat women (and probably get him one). And let's say, while Joe is teaching Clarance they fall for the same girl.... and in the end, they both get what they want haha that's all I'm saying.

THE VOICE was awesome hehehe, Frankie is awesome, seriously... all his songs, specially there is this one scene in which he's singing a lullaby and awww just adorable. And of course, Gene and his dancing was awesome, I loved it. But something I adore from Gene Kelly, is his contagious smile, and how expressive his face actually is. He's simply CHARMING, that's the word that describes him best. The way he talk, the way he walk, the way he smile... just adorable!!!. Probably not a must see but you should see it anyway hehe.

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Gene Kelly
Friday, January 2, 2009

Like two years ago, I was at my favorite record store looking for a new movie to buy. Back then I only wanted to see classics, so I saw Singing in the Rain and thought "Cool, I want to see it" right? so I took it in my hands and was decided to buy it, but then back in the shelf I saw a blonde guy giving his back to the camera and said in big words Rebel Without A Cause - JAMES DEAN and without a second thought I threw Singing in the Raing and picked Rebel instead.

I'm not complaining at all, thanks to that day I'm a James Dean fan now, BUT... I wish I hadn't taken so long to get back to Singing In The Rain. Just a couple of days ago, I finally saw it for rent, so I rented it and watched and I just got enchanted by GENE KELLY. It's awesome, everything of it is simply awesome... but I have to confess that my favorite scene is in which he sings the title's song. I obviously spent the whole movie thinking what a beautiful smile he had and how charming he looked... but it was until this scene that I finally said "Oh lord, I like him".

And I've been listening to that song obsessively since then (and the video too) so today I was on youtube and thought "Let's search for something different" so I just looked for Gene Kelly and watched some videos and I had this feeling of "I have to watch another movie". And I found An American in Paris for download, so I downloaded it. The only problem is that it was dubbed in Spanish and that sucked, 'cause a thing I loved so much about Gene was his speaking voice.

But I did like the movie anyway, the story was nice even though I didn't like the girl at all, I mean... she was a great dancer and was really pretty but her face looked dull the whole movie (except when she danced) and her dubbed voice didn't help her AT ALL. But that's not the end of it, I still want to watch MORE movies of Gene. I really really liked him as you can notice. I don't know what made him so special hehe 'cause he's not the kind of guy I'd like (at all) but I think it's because I love dancing and music and he did all those things.

Right now I'm downloading Anchors Aweigh of Gene Kelly and FRANK SINATRA, I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I do really like Sinatra too, and I was just waiting for a chance to watch one of his movies, and now that time has come. And the fact that Gene is in the movie too, makes it way better. I've seen some bits on youtube and I'm sure I'm going to LOVE it.

So guys, if you're into classics, tap dancing, music, or simply good movies, I highly recommend Singing in the Rain and An American in Paris. I'll let you know about Anchors Aweigh as soon as I see it, but I'm sure it's cool too.

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