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Aaron Eckhart
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ever since The Dark Knight, I fell for Aaron Eckhart... the funny thing was, that I was in the movie's queue seriously thinking that I was going to focus only on the Joker or that my crush for Chris Bale would just grow (it did heh) but big was my surprise when I found myself sighing for Harvey Dent, how could I resist him?... HE WAS ADORABLE!. His smile... gorgeous, that blond hair? SEXY, eyes? adorable and the way he stands with his hands on his waist... to die for!... just fell for him haha. Before the movie, I spent weeks with the line "Why so serious?" on my msn, but AFTER the movie I've been having "I believe in Harvey Dent" instead... and today I was surfing channels and tadah, The Pledge was on... his hair wasn't as long as in TDK, but he was still sexy, his mustache wasn't that attractive either, but his lips and his eyes were still GORGEOUS haha. And the movie was great... Jack Nicholson is awesome. I remember I wanted to see No Reservations when it was still on the theater but never got a chance, and now I'M DESPERATE to watch it haha... I don't care if it's another corny movie, that man stole my heart hahaha (ok, not as strongly as Robert Downey Jr. did but I seriously want to see more of his movies mwahaha)


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Robert's Sgt. Pepper mustache
Friday, August 15, 2008

As you can see, I'm not the only one that thought Robert looked extremely good with that mustache :D

FACE FUZZ: Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now and BOW DOWN to the beautiful moustache currently perched atop the lips of Robert Downey, Jr. [Source]

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Robert, Ben and Jack at TRL
Thursday, August 14, 2008

I don't normally just share my goodies (goodies = pictures I love) but since Robert Downey Jr. never cease to amaze me with his coolness, here some gorgeous pictures of him at TRL (LOOK AT HIS SHIRT, man). Two things I adore, RDJ and The Beatles... loved it.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

So I'm really a brand new fan of Iron Man so I don't have that many things of him, but I have a lot for the time I've been a fan, so here some pictures. (It's not EVERYTHING I have but most of it)

That's the cartoon movie of "The Invincible Iron Man" which is really cool too. The action figure is from Burger King haha 'cause like a baby I had to buy it. I also have a huge movie poster of the cartoon movie (same picture and text as the cover, but huge)

This are my school notebook's for this new semester haha. They're actually four notebooks but didn't take a picture of all of them. Every one of them comes with stickers and a poster :D I didn't take a picture of the posters though.

That's a huuuuge magazine with really cool posters that my Dad gave me as a part of my birthday present. Isn't it lovely? (and HUUUUGE)

And this is my stickers album that I have it almost full by now, I have like 100 stickers hehe my mom buys me five packs every time she goes shopping hoho. I love this album.

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The Dark Knight Magazine

There's this Mexican Magazine called "Premiere" and its last cover was of The Joker so I obviously bought it. It also has a part for Harvey Dent but didn't take a picture of that haha I haven't seen the movie when I took the pictures, so I didn't like Harvey as I like him now. But here are the scans anyway (they were taken with my cellphone's camera so they aren't really good). This magazine is all about the latest and upcoming movies so I guess I'll become a fan haha.

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