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Iron Man DVD
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today my brother got me the AWESOME Iron Man DVD. It's fucking gorgeous, you should have seen my face when I saw it. Yaaay. Now I can't wait to see the extra footage of the movie, I might do it tomorrow since it's late now but I'm sure I'll let you know what I think.... I'm super happy right now.

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Linkin Park won Best Rock Video
Sunday, September 7, 2008

I watched the whole show just because Linkin Park was nominated. When I saw that Slash presented the award I immediately knew Linkin Park HAD to win (he's a friend of Chester). I was actually shouting to the TV "C'mon, say Linkin Park.... Chester's your friend" haha and when he said "And the winner is..." and opened the envelop he laughed so I KNEW THEY HAD WON.... so he kept going between giggles "... LINKIN PARK!" hahaha loved it, and now I love Slash for that :D he made it cute ^^. I don't know, I thought it was kinda cute how he laughed, I bet every Linkin Park fan out there just knew he was going to say Linkin Park when he laughed hehe other people might have just thought he was making fun of them, but na-ah... he's Chester's friend ^^.

And here goes just ANOTHER award for this awesome band. I LOVE THEM!!!!

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How come I didn't know about this?
Saturday, September 6, 2008

So, I was looking through my favorite Robert Downey Jr. site DowneyUnlimited and I found out THIS.... how? when? WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT IT????.... Was Robert in Mexico? when? where? WHY? I mean..... not that I could have gone to see him or anything but at least I'd be aware of the fact that he was closer than ever hahaha. I want to kick myself. Anyway, I haven't seen the video, I'll download it after the Jay Leno interview I'm downloading right now.

Anyway, I felt I was abandoning him lately so I'm downloading and watching some videos :D I love this man sooooo freakin' much.

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Aaron on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Friday, September 5, 2008

MEET ECKHART posted about these videos and I loved them. I personally love these kind of interviews because they always steal me a good laugh. Aaron's simply adorable... "Movies ceremonies" hahaha just too cute. I can't wait to see Towelhead AND I found Meet Bill on my fave record store but it's too expensive ¬¬ I'll have to wait to get it *sigh*. Anyway, check out the videos.

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Best picture EVER
Monday, September 1, 2008

I literally had a heart attack.... BEAUTIFUL. I had such a hard time trying to decide in which folder I should save this picture, Heath's or Aaron's... so I saved it in both :D maaaan, I love 'em.

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I love you Philip Morris

I have seriously no problem with Ew, playing a gay man (Pfff a Queer As Folk fan here) but with JIM CARREY? I've known about this movie for a while now, but reading this kinda messed up my head hahaha. I'll try to keep me entertained with Ewan so I can erase Jim Carrey out of my head while watching the movie xD

Thought you’d already seen the full extent of Ewan McGregor’s sexual potential on screen? In his forthcoming 2009 film, I Love You Philip Morris (not, as we first thought, a chain-smoker’s tribute to the world’s biggest tobacco manufacturer, but a fact-based comedy drama), the far-from-shy Scot plays Morris, a Texas prisoner whose married cellmate Steve Russell (Jim Carrey) falls madly in love with him, and you’ll get to see McGregor giving the rubber-faced Hollywood star a damn good snogging.

No word yet on whether Carrey will make contact with that part of McGregor’s anatomy for which he’s become a cinematic legend.

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