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There's no other men man enough to be another...
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

That's right, there's no other men, man enough to be another JAMES DEAN!!! (that's actually a lyric from a song by Hilary Duff, puagh... the only song I like of her just because it's about Jimmy hehe). Anyway, ever since my post of favorite actors James Dean has been around in my head. I've been watching and downloading a lot of his videos, specially a documentary called "The James Dean Story" which was kind of heartbreaking. For some reason, everything related to this man kind of saddens me. He was a really messed up kid and wasn't really happy, when he was finally finding himself he died *cries*.

I mean, when you're in your early 20's you're still kind of confused with yourself, at least I still am, right now I'm kind of finally finding a balance in my life and I think we all go through that, now I'm 23 just a year younger than him and I still feel like I have a LOT of things to do, things he didn't have a chance to enjoy. It saddens me even though I never met him and I've only liked him for a couple of years, but he had that innoscent look on his face that simply makes you love him and that same look on his face makes you feel like crap because he died so young and not so very happy.

I kind of feel related to him in a way, and the documentary just confirmed what I've said. He said he wanted people around him but kept pushing them away, I do that ALL the time and still ignore why. He avoided people and never let them see the real James Dean, he was afraid of something, so am I. For some reason, it frustrates me more than it should to know these things, all of my life I've been wanting to know someone that felt the same way as I do so I'd stop being so "weird" and "different" but every time I do, that other person has been dead for a long time.

I think he was a great actor, that he still had a lot to give to his audience and Eden, Rebel and Giant were only little proves of what he was able to do. He was only 24, he missed a lifetime of experiences to become in an even BETTER actor.... what a freakin' shame. He also wanted to be a director, with the imagination he had, I bet he'd have directed awesome films. He also liked to write and wanted to write. He'd have done a LOT of things. He was simply TOO FREAKIN' YOUNG!.

It's just a shame the world lost someone as big as him.

"He left Indiana to become a star, and he came back to become a legend"
James Byron Dean
1931 - 1955

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