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My Favorite Actors #4
Sunday, January 18, 2009

My obsession with this incredible actor began after watching The Godfather. It wasn't long ago, but now I adore him. I already own DVD's and a book about him. And even though I haven't seen that many of his movies (I think I've only seen.... two haha) I do really like him and I'm desperate to watch more of his movies.
One of my favorite jokes at school, is that every time my best mate and I are pretending to be sad or dramatical we shout "STELLAAAAA" hahaha.
I personally can't wait to see The Wild One and Last Tango In Paris (I've already read the book, which have pictures of it hehe). I don't know, I just simply adored him even if I haven't been able to see more of his films. I saw and taped a biography called Brando, that one made the obsession bigger than in the beggining. He was extremely good looking and had such a beautiful smile :D

Who can say that his role as Harvey Dent wasn't adorable? I just fell in love with that man. After The Dark Knight I had the urge to watch more of his movies so I bought No Reservations, which is the movie I've liked him best... his hair was longer and had the shadow of a beard in his face, and was just too freaking adorable for me. I've seen movies like Paycheck, Meet Bill and Black Dhalia, I've also seen a bit of Nurse Betty. I can't wait to see Thank You For Smoking and Towelhead.
I just loved everything about him. His hair, his eyes, that beautiful perfect smile and his manly voice. Also, his shyness in interviews is adoooorable.
The phrase "I Believe In Harvey Dent" was a constant nickname on my msn, and I also own a pencils box of TDK just because of him (and the Joker of course). I just fell hard for him hehe.

It is well known that I'm a Superman obsessed, well... my love for Superman was born after watching Superman Returns and because I simply fell for Brandon, until this day, I haven't seen any of his movies more than bits of a TV show he did and his cameo in What A Girl Wants of Christina Aguilera, but I adore him and I've watched Superman Returns more times that I can count, I literally know all of his lines in the movie and like to quote him in my every day life hehe and I simply can't wait for The Man of Steel. I seriously think he was a GREAT choice for Superman, I hate Tom Welling and every person that has had the guts to play this superhero, for me... there wasn't anyone else but Chris Reeve, until I saw Brandon, he was PERFECT for that role. I'm still trying to get his movies like Lie To Me and such but it's been impossible :( ahhh but I love him no matter what hehe.

Noah has been one of my longest crushes. I've liked him for like 9 years and used to watch ER on prime time or the re-runs. I think I've seen all of his ER Episodes. I even recorded Friends' episode in which he appears with George Clooney, I just adore him.
I've seen some of his movies like White Oleander, Enough and The Librarian. But there was nothing as my obsession with Dr. John Truman Carter III, I used to watch and tape ER's episodes, visit the very few fansites dedicated to him AND his character, I knew like every single fact about him AND Carter. I also used to role play on a yahoo community and was so cool. Abbey Lockhart had to marry Luka Kovac for me to stop hating her hahaha I was/am just obsessed with that show. I remember I cried like a baby every time he cried, I smiled like an idiot every time he did, and swoon every time he was shirtless on the screen hahaha. It was awesome, I loved every minute of this fandom and I miss it so much.
I'm trying to get more of his movies and all ER Seasons he was in :D wish me luck with that hehe!

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