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My Favorite Actors #3
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in the good ol' teenage years, I had a huge obsession with Josh. It all began when I saw Pearl Harbor back in 2001 and I've liked him ever since. I've seen as many of his movies as I've could. My favorites would be Pearl Harbor and Wicker Park (which I own... both). I even had to put my fear for Michael Myers behind to see him in Halloween H20 that's how much I love him.
I even made a yahoo group about him back then, I loved visiting fansites and learning about him. Now it's not that constant, but I'm always aware of what he's doing and try to visit his fansites as often as possible.
He's simply adorable and I love his smile and how his eyes literally get lost when he's smiling. He has a boy-ish face for that thick voice of him. I don't know, I simply adore him and is very special to me. I remember someone spoiled Pearl Harbor for me and I already knew what happened, so every time Danny did something cute I'd start crying because I knew what was going to happen to him haha.

Keanu has a really long career, so he's one of those actors I've known for all of my life. But my love (or obsession heh) for him started in 2004 when I met a guy that kinda looked like him. I started watching and re-watching his movies. I saw all the Matrix movies in the theater and ever since, I try to watch his movies in the theater. I remember I waited for Constantine for a long long time and when it was released I went crazy and simply loved it. Every time lit a cigarette I'd say "Constantine, Chester Constantine asshole" haha.
I'm obsessed with The Lake House and I've seen it like a million of times, the same with Sweet November, those movies aren't good for corny people like myself. And I've seen as many of his movies as I could, then again... he has TOO MANY movies. One of my favorite movies when I was growing up was Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, who would have said I was going to love this man a decade after? hehe. Not long ago, I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still and even though I didn't really like the movie I adored him in it, he's simply AWESOME. I used to have like a million of pictures of him on my computer (and they should be backed up somewhere) and I used to visit his fansites like crazy, but it's not that constant anymore. Now I'm only on LJ communties and they keep me updated.

He's simply freaking Johnny Depp, I don't think I have to explain WHY I like him, do I?. I think he's an awesome actor and one of the bests of his generation. Edward Scissorhands was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up (even though it kind of scared me too) and I feel I've known about him and liked him for all of my life hehe. I can't say I'm a FAN because I don't really know much about him, nor I visit his fansites, but I know that I do admire him and would watch his movies if I find them for rent, or wait for the new ones to watch them on the theater.
The movie that got me hooked was The Secret Window, it was simply awesome and Johnny was like always great. He can play ANY character he wants, he can make you laugh as a pirate or creep you out as an evil barber. He's also extremely good looking and very sexy hehe. I just saw A Nightmare on Elm Street and he was so young there it made me laugh. I still need to watch LOTS of his movies, but I've also seen a LOT of his movies. Oh he's also a quite talented singer, and Sweeney Todd's soundtrack is constantly played on my computer. I can't wait for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I think it will be interesting for me to watch since it's Heath Ledger's last movie but I'm glad Johnny is part of it, I bet he's going to do a great work.

Well, he's a brand new crush and I've only liked him for a month, but I know it will last longer. I've also only seen three of his movies, Anchors Aweigh, American in Paris and the one featured in the layout Singing in the Rain. He's got like every talent out there, he could act, sing and dance and he did every one of them very graciously. He had a charming smile that could melt every single heart, at least his smile enchanted me.
Something I really liked about him, is that it didn't matter the movie I was watching, he always seemed like a very happy person, and the videos and pictures I've seen just confirm it, he was always with a smile and just looked like a really nice guy. I personally love his voice, I'm obsessed with his songs. Right now I can't wait to find more of his movies 'cause I do think he was awesome in everything he did. He makes tap-dancing look easy. The way he danced, how he was always smiling made it look easy, like he didn't even had to make any kind of effort to move the way he did. I don't know, I just fell in love with him hehe!.

I've liked him ever since The Goblet of Fire, I did really like him and watched that movie a million of times just for him. I felt it was time for the Harry Potter crew to finally have someone that was actually GOOD LOOKING hehe. Anyway, I was super excited when I read he was going to be in a new movie about vampires called Twilight, then I found out it was from a book so I read the books ONLY because he was in my mind. I didn't really like the books but picturing him as Edward made it at least enjoyable.
Now I'm literally SICK of all the Twilight fuss, I personally loved him in The Bad Mother's Handbook more than I did in Twilight. I can't see why so many people went nuts with those movies/books. Anyway, now I kind of feel embarrassed to say I like HIM 'cause people would immediately think I like the Twilight crap when I don't really. I can't wait to see Little Ashes and How To Be, his character Art looks like someone I'd like hehe more than Edward, so I simply can't wait.
He also seems like such a normal kid, his interviews became an obsession to me... I loved reading them, I loved his answers and how honest he was. Also his sarcasm and sense of humor made me love him more. I just wish people's craziness won't change him 'cause I can really see a future in his acting.

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