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My Favorite Actors #2
Monday, January 5, 2009

My most known username on the internet is ChesterDEAN, which I created obviously because of this man. I feel it's been forever since I started liking him but the truth is... I've only been a fan for a couple of years (like two and a half). One day I was at my favorite record store looking for new OLD movies to watch, since back then I was desperate for classics. And that's when I saw this guy with a red jacket and said "Rebel Without A Cause" I had to have it, so I bought it. Ever since that day I've been obsessed with him. You have no idea how much I adore this man, even though I don't get to talk that much about him since there's nothing really new to say, but I still like him like the first day.
He only needed three movies to prove the world that there wasn't going to be another James Dean. His first movie is my favorite one, East Of Eden in which he plays the role of Cal, a misunterstood kid that only wanted his father's attention but was always shadowed by his brother. He cries in this movie and that makes your heart shrink until it hurts. In his last movie Giant, his character grows older than he'd ever be and he played it right, you couldn't tell it was only a 24 year old with a little make up playing an old man. He improvised a lot, something the directors loved and that made the scenes more believable.
For me, this man was PERFECT. He had this dreamy-child like eyes that melts my heart, such an inoscent smile it makes you want to love him even more. Really really thin, that actually made him look small hehe. I don't know, he's just ADORABLE!!!. But he could also look sexy, there are some pictures of him that, gee, it takes your breath away hehe.
For what I've read and seen on different videos, he was a weirdo in a good way hehe. I personally love his quotes and all the interviews I've read. He reminds me a lot of myself, don't know why. I can't really describe his personality, I only know I love it and feel related to it.

I started liking Jude the very first moment I saw Alfie (even though I had seen AI first). He was soooo sexy on that movie I simply fell for him hehe. I don't think I have a special reason of why I liked him in the first place more than I thought he was hot. When I saw that movie I wasn't really picky on the movies I saw and the actors I liked. Back then I really liked chick flicks. But the point is, ever since Alfie I've seen lots of his movies (even though not all of them). The Holiday was extremely cute and had me sighing for months and watched three times in A DAY (yes, that much I liked it). I also liked his role in Wilde, he was an ass, but I think he did it right. Another movie I really liked was Cold Mountain but right now I can't really recall much of it since I saw it years ago and I don't have it yet. And I finally made my dream come true of seeing him in a movie with Michael Caine in Sleuth. Until now, Closer is my favorite movie.
Even though I haven't seen all of his movies and the ones I've seen haven't made me think "Oh his acting is brilliant" I still think he's a good actor, otherwise he wouldn't be where he's at, right?. I only know I've liked almost every movie I've seen of his.
It's plain to see by now that I adoooore his face hehe, hi has this sexy look that can drive anybody crazy (specially if he smiles too). Too bad he's loosing his hair *cries* 'cause his hair in Alfie was simply PERFECT!!!. Actually, his looks in Alfie is my favorite ever, the clothes, the hair, everything, he simply looked perfect in Alfie.
I don't really know his real personality, since I don't really watch interviews of his or visit his fansites, let's say... he's one of the very few artists I only see in movies. I know I normally go crazy visiting fansites and knowing every single fact about my actors, but I never did that with Jude. Maybe I did in the early days but not anymore. But that doesn't make him any less special than the others, I still adooore him and would watch ALL of his movies if I could.

This is another not so long obsession, but I freaking LOVE this man. I obviously knew about him while I was growing up and remember watching Scent of a Woman more times than I actually wanted (My mom was obsessed with the tango scene). But I fell in love with him like a year or two ago when I finally (and I mean FINALLY) saw Scarface. I couldn't stop saying "Say hello to my little friend" or "Stick it up your culo" for weeks hehe. I've seen lots of his movies (and still, there are like a billion I need to watch). After Scarface I remember watching Frankie & Johnny and I was really liking his pairing with Michelle Pfeiffer. Most of the movies I've seen of him, I saw them BEFORE my obsession but saw them again just because I wanted hehe. I've seen movies like Any Given Sunday, S1m0ne (just saw it again two days ago, I had already forgotten that movie), The Devil's Advocate, Carlito's Way, City Hall, Sea of Love, Insomnia, People I Know, The Recruit, Ocean's Thirteen, etc, etc. I even went to the theater to watch 88 Minutes and I can't wait to see him as Dali in Dali & I: The Surreal Story and I've waited for that movie waaaaay too long hehe. But if I got obsessed with Scarface, try to imagine how OBSESSED I got after The Godfather saga, gee, I even considere those movies as ones of my favorites now. Freaking Michael Corleone ROCKED!!!.
I mean, do I really have to say he is a freaking talented man? do I? just watch a movie... anyone you want, he always freaking rocks.
When he was young, like in The Godfather I, he was hot haha I personally loved his lips and literally everything of him, even the fact that he looks like a really short man haha. And even now that he's old, I still think he's an attractive old man (does that make me a weirdo? hehe).

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