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Jude Law Is a Younger Michael Caine
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In what is Michael Caine's second go at the thriller genre, he and Jude Law will both star in the remake of the popular 1972 'Sleuth', under the direction of British actor and filmmaker
Kenneth Branagh. The original movie featured Laurence Olivier as the novelist who sees his wife falling in love with a much younger man (Caine) and concocts a devilish plan of cat and mouse.

In the renewed version, Caine will take on Olivier's part, while Law will play the young and charming hairdresser. Anthony Shaffer's play will be adapted for the big screen by the English playwright Harold Pinter.

The Castle Rock production will try to bring back and to revive the atmosphere predominant in the original, while also putting in new elements to the thriller. Production will begin in January at Twickenham Studios in London, and Jude Law will also be one of the producers for it, via his Riff Raff Prods. company.

This would be the second time that the blue-eyed actor takes on a role previously played by Michael Caine. He also starred in the 2004 remake of Caine's 1966 'Alfie'.

This is just like TOO awesome, I heard Jude Law was going to do Sleuth long ago, but I didn't know Michael Caine was going to be in the movie too, but what I can't believe is that actually my brother told me about it, we were having dinner tonight when I told my mom that I was watching Bewitched and was drooling over a very old Caine *lol* and then my brother said "He's going to make a movie with Jude Law, two Alfies in one movie" oh god, my first comment "I've just peed my pants" HAHAHA. Seriously, I own both Aflie's movies, I just love them, even though I watched the Jude's version first, I liked Caine's better, don't know... I blame his accent, it's just too sexy. Actually, when I was watching Bewitched, what made me have a giggle fest was the fact that Michael said "Hello, there" with that sexy British accent. I just love it.

Anyroad, now I can't wait for the movie, I really really really want to watch it, Jude's one of my all time favorites actors, and I just fell really hard for Caine since I watched Alfie, seriously, the man is too sexy. I still need to watch more of his old movies 'cause I've only watched Miss Congeniality, Batman, Bewitched and stuff like that hahaha (And Alfie of course) so I need to find more of his movies :D. Now, I'll wait patiently until I can find pictures of those men together *smiles* exciting.

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