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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fast Facts

Full name: Paul Dylan Presley
Nicknames: Paulie, Paulito, Paul-Anka
Breed: Mini-Schnauzer
Color: Salt And Pepper
Birthday: May 9th, 2007
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Bought: June 15th, 2007
Favorite toy: My shoes
Mother: Me (Chester)
Father: Chester Bennington (heh)
Uncles and Aunties: Ewok (my 16 years old brown Maltese) Rex (My one year old Rottweiler) Mischa (my 2 years old Siamese Cat).
Marital Status: Single.
Tricks: I throw a ball and he gets it back, that's the only thing he knows how to do xD.

This is my baby, the one that drives me crazy by getting hyperactive at 3 am jumping around trying to bite my feet over the bed. Even if it's his fault that I can barely sleep, I love him way too much. I suck at saving money, but I collected 2,000 pesos to get this dog and lemme tell you, it's all wroth it :D. Like a famous commercial, to get it 2,000 pesos, a badge with his name 50 pesos, dog food 75 pesos, to wake up and see him looking at you just to greet you is PRICELESS!!!. He sleeps in the floor next to my bed with his head over my shoes, when I'm on the computer, he falls asleep next to me. When I get back from school he gets too excited and moves his little cut tail (it looks funny hehe). Seriously, this little fella brings a lot of joy to my life.


June 15th, 2007 - When I got him, his first night at my home.

June 16 to June 30, 2007

That's how he sleep, using my shoes as a pillow haha just ignore my foot xD. The last picture is one of the very few he left me take of us *lol* he usually moves like a maniac and the picture end up looking blurry.

July 1th to July 24, 2007 - Two months old & his first haircut.

I love how he looks when his hair is literally long, but my mom told me it was time to cut his hair, so we did... he looks so gay with his "Schnauzer" haircut *lol*. In the first picture he looks so rebel xD haha. And that's another picture of us, if you can notice, I'm holding his face for him not to move *lol*.

July 27, 2007 - Paulie and his mummy.

That's me and Paul... see? I can't get him to stay still hehe. (Oh jeez, my hair was short xD)

July 29 to August 10th, 2007 - Playful baby.

First row, yes, he loves to bite my feet ¬¬', second row, he's getting too big to hide below the bed hahaha it's funny to see him trying xD. Third row, me struggling with him to get a nice picture... look, he's trying to kiss me xD.

August 10th, 2007 - Watching his Daddy on the telly.

Yes guys, he's actually watching TV hahaha ain't he cute? the best part of it? I was watching Linkin Park's concert at NY. When he's bored and the telly's on, he watches it :).

And that's it for now, I have some new piccies of him but they're still on my cellphone hehe, he's looking gay right now xD 'cause he got another haircut like two weeks ago haha.

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