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Friday, September 7, 2007

My name is Maria but everyone knows me as Chester... as the site's name explains it, I was born a fan, I have just too many fandoms to make a site for every single one of them, that's why I decided to make a site for them all. I'm going to be an English teacher and I love this language way too much (I actually use it on the net way more than my mother's language). I'm 22 years old but I still feel like I'm 12, life is happier that way. I'm blind as a bat but I love to read, write and draw (the last one just where there's a LOT of light). I don't believe in trends and I consider myself unique, I love to laugh but I can be really explosive too.

My dog's name is Paul after Paul McCartney, one of my biggest fandoms, his full name is actually Paul Dylan Presley hehe I'll never have enough dogs to name them after my fandoms haha!. He's my beautiful baby and even though he can some times get on my nerves I love him way too much.

I love watching movies, I've seen and I own so many movies it can't be healthy *lol* my latest addition (Sept 6th, 2007) was Down With Love of Ewan McGregor. My favorite movie's probably Moulin Rouge because I've seen it more than 10 times. But I fell really hard for Giant of James Dean. But choosing just one movie is like trying to choose for ONE favorite song, so I have a lot of fave movies.

My favorite actors are from Elvis to Noah Wyle, if I've seen so many movies it's because I watch one (i.g. Constantine) and I get obsessed with the lead actor (in this case Keanu Reeves) I save myself the problem to think about what to see when I go to rent movies, I only walk through the place looking for movies of Keanu Reeves and after I've seen all of the movies they have of this actor I get obsessed with another one and watch almost all of his movies, and that's why I've seen like a thousand movies haha. But when I really get obsessed I buy the movies, like the movies of Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, James Dean, Elvis, etc. (Even though I bought Rebel Without A Cause before I fell for James Dean haha).

I have a huuuge obsession with Superman and Star Wars, I even bought a kids outfit just because it had Brandon Routh's picture on it, I don't even have little brothers haha.

About Music, phh... my favorite subject, I listen to all kind of music, I'm a good critic, I don't hate a singer or band just because, if I don't like a singer or a band it's because I've heard their work and I didn't like it, I don't follow trends, not even in music, so I can like pop as much as I can like the heaviest rock if the music and lyrics are good or I just simply like them for the silliest reason. My bands are The Beatles, Linkin Park, The Doors and Nirvana as I've mentioned before. I've been a fan of Linkin Park for 6 years, and 4 years for the rest. I have a huuuge collection of things of this bands, DVD's, CD's, Callendars, T-shirts, Posters, etc.

I watch movies or listen to music just as much as I read (well, not that much 'cause I actually don't have enough time to do them all, ALL the time) but I read a lot, just like music or films, I don't have a specific type of books, I like them all, I've read from J.K. Rowling to Oscar Wilde, right now I'm reading a book called Demian, I haven't had the time to finish it, I'm already in the middle of the book and I've only sat to read it once.

Oh and as you can see, I love to write about me hehe, a bit egocentric, I call it the rockstar complex haha. But I guess that's all, if you want to know more about me all you have to do is ask.



To FANatic, a site dedicated to all of my fandoms and things that I like. If you look around you might find something of your own interest.




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