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Friday, September 7, 2007

The Beatles
Like every kid of my age, I grew up knowing about The Beatles in a way or another. Both of my parents were/are fans when they were my age, my Dad's a Lennon fan and my Mum's a McCartney.

As you may know by now, it looks like my favourite one is John Lennon, well, in a way yes, he's my favourite because he's the one I've liked longer, but now, I love them all equally, they are all special for me, they are different, with different talents and they are all charming, so... they are all my favourite.

I've been an "official" fan for 4 years now, the song that got me into their music was Don't Let Me Down and it's my favourite song 'til now. My favourite movie is Help! and my favourite album probably would be Rubber Soul (it changes all the time).

I have a huge collection of The Beatles, I have Vinyl Albums, Movies, DVD's, CD's, Blankets, Callendars, Books, Lighters, Bags, etc. I'm just obsessed with their merchandise.

I really love these guys, I spend a lot of my time doing Beatle-related things and listening to their music, you can call it obsession, I call it a way of living.

Linkin Park
Linkin Park's the band I've liked longer than any other band, I've been a fan of them for 6 years now. It all started in my first year of high school, also known as the best years of my life, so... Linkin Park have been in my life in the best and worst moments and that made them really special for me.

They're coming back this year and that really makes me happy, when they sang with Paul McCartney in the Grammys of last year I was the happiest person in the world.

There's no CD, or DVD of them that I don't have, I have t-shirts, callendars, blankets, pins, lots of posters, etc. Even my glasses are like the ones that Chester used to have.

My nickname Chester started with my love for Linkin Park, I've been known as Chester for 6 years, so, I'm more used to hear people calling me Chester than my own name (and I like it better). I think is original, 'cause it's not common to see a girl with a guy's name. I just love it like I love the band.

The Doors & Nirvana
I started liking Nirvana when I listened to You Know You're Right for the first time, I think I was 16, but I started being an "official" fan at 18 like with The Doors and The Beatles.

Actually, my first obsession was Nirvana, I bought a Nirvana CD way before I bought a The Doors' or Beatles' one. I used to read a lot about Kurt Cobain and listen to Bleach a lot.

When I started being a fan of The Doors I was obsessed with The End and used to sing it all the time, a friend of mine used to borrow me their albums until I bought them (all of them). The friend that got me into The Doors died two years ago, so... I have a special feeling for The Doors after it. It's like a connection with my friend.

I love their music (both, Nirvana and Doors') and I get crazy and happy every time I listen to it, every time I drink I always end up listening to The Doors haha.



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