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Britney Spears' weird behavior...
Monday, September 10, 2007

Ok, me talking about Britney Spears is even weird to me, but I've made my own ideas of Britney's sudden change. It might be stupid, but I can't come up with another reason (more than drugs, and the typical Hollywood kind of life). She started to do crazy stuff as soon as her relationship with Justin Timberlake ended up, oh well, not that SOON but she started her crazy stuff soon after, like marrying a guy out of nowhere, the marriage only lasting hours, and you know the rest.

I think that's a logical reason, I mean, moving on is naturally hard, letting your love go always hurts, but imagine letting your love go with a reminder of it every two seconds on the telly, the radio, magazines, etc. And Justin released Cry Me A River and all that crap, I mean, grow up honey, you're bleedin' Justin Timberlake, you can have anyone you want, 1) you're not 10 and 2) the video was just a low punch, yeah yeah she cheated, who doesn't nowadays? (apart of me, of course hohoho).

And there's the little fact that they've known each other since they were 11/12, I mean, I fell for a guy knowing him for like a year and I was crushed when we broke up and we weren't that close in that year *lol* so I can imagine how hard it would be to lose someone you've known literally all of your life. Justin seemed to move on about all this thing dating Cameron Diaz, sure, love is in the air, yadda, yadda, then they broke up and "What Comes Around/Goes Around" was released and it still sounds like a Britney-song, seriously... she cheats, he leaves, and something similar happens to the girl in the song (Kevin Federline?) to me the song lyrics are "Take that bitch, you cheated on me and now you're living in hell"... but I'm forgetting the main reason of this. To me Britney changed after Justin, she tried to look happy but she started doing crazy stuff, like marrying her childhood friend, then gettin' married with Federline after only months together, just stupid things, she lose her grip and couldn't control her own life.

I do really feel sorry for her, she's only 4 years older than me and I can't (and wouldn't like to) picture myself in her position, making HUMAN mistakes and all the world judging me, that would make me feel worse, seriously. She had to have a breakdown, she's not made of steel, she's been in the spotlight for like ten years, her biggest moments in life were in the public eye, so her biggest mistakes. If she gained weight it was a BIG deal, if she hang out with someone it was a BIG deal, everything in her life was a big deal, c'mon, give the poor girl a break. What I think is that she really needs help, maybe not rehab, but a therapist or something, she has lost her path, some balance in her life would help her a lot but since she went "crazy" the media have done nothing but bury her even deeper. Hope her come back helps her with this, I do really hope that... I grew up knowing her, when she was getting popular with "Baby One More Time" I was only 13 and I was a real pop-girl, so I've known her for almost 10 years and it's sad to see her in this state when she was at the top of the tops, maybe she isn't talented, or whatever, but she was at the top and suddenly she faded away and don't know why I feel sorry for that, but I do.

But ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on, aight?....

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